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Erik Surjan and WCIT

Erik Surjan spent three years, from 2010 until 2013, working for the West Coast Institute of Training (WCIT). For this Australian company, he was a Marketing and Project Manager. Located in the metropolitan sector of Northern Perth, WCIT is a … Continue reading

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Erik Surjan Is an Appealing Job Candidate

Erik Surjan offers many skills and qualifications that set him apart from the rest. He believes strongly in innovation. He considers himself a person who adapts to change early and quickly. Additionally, he is a businessman who is always seeking … Continue reading

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Erik Surjan Has Lead an Exciting Life

Marketing professional Erik Surjan has already had a diverse educational and career experience. These two aspects of his life are complimented by the unique ways he chooses to spend his free time. Attaining a higher education was placed on the … Continue reading

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Passionate Blogger Erik Surjan Entertains and Educates

Erik Surjan is a creative, inspired and talented individual, someone who has achieved at a high level not only as an athlete, but also as an aspiring professional actor. Surjan, who continually finds inspiration in the words of others, does … Continue reading

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Erik Surjan: Success in Marketing

Marketing professional Erik Surjan has considerable education and experience in professional marketing, and has enjoyed the chance to work in the field for many years. An asset to multiple firms throughout his career, Surjan has truly set himself apart from … Continue reading

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Erik Surjan – An Impressive Resume of Accomplishment

Erik Surjan continues to follow his own path, striving for and achieving in nearly anything that piques his interest. Surjan, an accomplished athlete, aspiring actor and talented blogger, has accumulated what has become quite an impressive resume, one that features … Continue reading

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Acting Is a True Passion for Erik Surjan

The acting community is very competitive, requiring each and every aspiring actor to bring something special and unique to the stage in order to set themselves apart from the competition. Erik Surjan appreciates the time, effort and practice necessary to … Continue reading

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