Acting Is a True Passion for Erik Surjan

The acting community is very competitive, requiring each and every aspiring actor to bring something special and unique to the stage in order to set themselves apart from the competition. Erik Surjan appreciates the time, effort and practice necessary to set yourself apart, and is committed to the hard work and time needed to establish and maintain lifelong success in the acting community.

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Erik Surjan is now looking to build and compile an extensive acting portfolio, and to gain a strong foothold in what he believes to be one of the most fulfilling, and rewarding, professions in the world. As one with a genuine passion for the craft, as well as the work ethic needed to pursue that passion to its extreme, Surjan has begun to make a name for himself in the field. Featured in several instructional videos and Australian TV advertisements, Surjan hopes to continue building on his experience, and to one day earn a role in something truly memorable and significant.

Erik Surjan applies much of what he has learned as an athlete and competitor to the pursuit of acting success. He understands that hard work and focus are just as important to success in the acting community as they are to success in athletic competition, and is committed to applying himself with the same amount of preparation and training that helped to make him one of Australia’s brightest up and coming stars of Track and Field.

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Surjan has been honored to have studied with several notable professional acting organizations, including the Sydney Screen Acting Group’s Screen Acting Workshop.

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Erik Surjan – The Value of Sport

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The Australian athletic community would be remiss if it failed to recognize Erik Surjan as not only a long-time track and field competitor, but also someone who was once one of the community’s biggest and brightest stars. An accomplished athlete and notable member of the track and field arena, Surjan made an indelible impression on many of his fellow teammates, colleagues and opponents, consistently demonstrating not only a considerable athletic prowess, but also the work ethic and determination needed to perform at such a highly competitive level.

Erik Surjan consistently performed well in numerous aspects of traditional track and field events, including the discus throw, shotput, the high jump, pole vaulting and races of numerous distances and skill levels. Surjan enjoyed the chance to demonstrate his athletic prowess, as well as the opportunity to go up against some of the world’s most gifted and dedicated athletes. The challenge of going to face to face with competitors just as dedicated, athletic and determined as him was always an immense thrill, and provided him the motivation he needed to keep his body and mind in shape and prepared to perform at his best.File 42574

Erik Surjan has always had a special affinity for Track and Field, in large part due to the competition’s long and storied history as well as its continued significance in the world of sport. He understands how unique track and field is in terms of the large amount of psychological, mental, emotional and physical preparation needed to become a notable and successful athlete.

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Notable Australian Athlete Erik Surjan

Obtaining and maintaining any sort of notable success in the world of athletics requires a high level of determination, focus and practice. Formerly a successful member of the Australian athletic community, Erik Surjan continually demonstrated the characteristics and work ethic of a true competitor, someone who understood the dedication and practice that is required to maintain a high level of competitiveness, and to consistently earn a spot in the winner’s circle.


Erik Surjan not only survived the often intense pressure of competition, he thrived. He consistently achieved at a high level in such events as long jump competitions, the discus throw, shotput and various track races, such as the 1500, 400 and 100 Metre events. Surjan, a driven and competitive athlete, even achieved the remarkable time of 10.91 seconds during a 100 Metre dash, occurring at the 2004 Perth competition. Though his career was abruptly halted by injury, his successes in track and field competitions were numerous, and earned him status and recognition as one of the best to have ever competed in the Australian athletic community.

Erik Surjan applies the same work ethic and determination that made him such a successful local athlete to his pursuit of a professional acting career, one he hopes will someday earn him the same level of recognition and respect he received as an athlete. As he knows, many of the same factors that lead to athletic success, such as practice, preparation and drive, have the same application in the field of acting, and are crucial towards the success of anyone with aspirations of a successful acting career.

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Erik Surjan: Well Educated Marketing and Business Professional

Erik Surjan has an extensive list of academic credentials, an educational resume that reflects many years of hard work, a studious resolve and a commitment to learning. He has built what has become an impressive career in the marketing and business fields, providing invaluable service and dedication to several well-known marketing and business firms.

Erik Surjan received his high school certificate from Christian Brother’s College, successfully completing his high school education in the year 2000. He was then accepted into Edith Cowan University, where he diligently pursued an education in the fields of business management and marketing. Erik Surjan was a committed and dedicated student, pursuing and earning two undergraduate degrees from Edith Cowan in 2003. He now possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing, as well as Bachelor’s degree in Business with an emphasis in Business Management.

After successful tenures both as a track and field athlete, and as a marketing and business professional, Erik Surjan returned to the field of academics, entering a Master’s program at Monash University years later. He is proud to have successfully completed Monash’s Marketing Communication Master’s program in 2012, and to have earned a degree that has been of enormous professional benefit to him ever since.

Erik Surjan also recently earned his Certificate IV-Training & Assessment from Western Sydney Institute. He earned this certificate earlier this year.

Erik Surjan is also in the process of becoming a professional actor, and is receiving training with a notable name in acting, as well as several notable acting groups throughout the area.

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Erik Surjan: Proven Marketing Professional

He Erik Surjan has extensive experience in the marketing profession, and has distinguished himself as one of the most diligent and talented professionals in the industry. Most recently a professional of marketing and strategy with Sports MA, Erik Surjan(Person of Integrity) has made substantial contributions to the field, exhibiting an unparalleled skill in marketing strategy, increasing brand awareness and retention, and creating better and more lasting connections between companies and consumers.

Erik Surjan experienced significant success with Sports MA, an Australian sports marketing firm, from 2010 to 2014, improving the company’s ability to create better brand recognition with certain targeted demographics, increasing the company’s client base and strengthening relationships with external and third parties that were critical to the firm’s, and the department’s, overall success. He was also an indispensable asset to the West Coast Institute of Training, creating significant lead generation opportunities, achieving a 100% strike rate for international award applications, strengthening company relationships with members of numerous industries and successfully managing the 2010 Inforce Conference. Erik Surjan worked for WCIT from 2010 to 2013, providing outstanding service and unwavering loyalty to the firm for over three years.

Erik Surjan worked in Marketing Administration for the KeyPath Group from 2008 to 2010, creating, developing and implementing highly-effective marketing strategy and campaigns aimed at reaching a wide base of potential clients and improving the company’s client retention rate. He provided KeyPath with innovative campaigns and enjoyed the opportunity to develop a better appreciation for the complexities of a global marketplace. Surjan was a valued employee of KeyPAth, and is proud of what he was able to achieve with the organization.

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Erik Surjan: An Elite Athlete

Erik Surjan was a champion-caliber athlete within the Australian institute of Sport organization, proving to be one of his era’s most talented and successful track and field competitors between 2005 and 2008. The winner of two Open National Decathlon Championships, one in 2005 and the other in 2007, Erik Surjan quickly distinguished himself as an athlete willing to put in the training, focus and effort needed to consistently perform at a very high level.

Erik Surjan also put in qualifying performances for both the 2006 Commonwealth Games and the 2007 World Championships, representing his country honorably and with distinction during international competitions. As a member of the AIS Elite Track and Field Program, Surjan was truly and credit to the success of the organization, as well as to athletes throughout the country of Australia.

Erik Surjan also served AIS as a community relations advocate, making his presence felt at numerous community service occasions, leadership and peak performance forums and many charity functions and events. He strove to represent AIS with dignity, accuracy and pride throughout his participation in organizational functions and outreach events, and helped to build better connections between AIS and the community at-large.

Erik Surjan not only excelled as an AIS Elite Track and Field Athlete, but also as a respected AIS representative. Though his athletic career was cut short due to a severe injury, he continued to be one of AIS’s best and staunchest advocates and representatives. He is proud of what he accomplished during his tenure with the program, and gained valuable insight and experience through his involvement with the organization.

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Erik Surjan: Preparing for an Acting Career

Australian professional and accomplished athlete Erik Surjan seeks excellence in everything he does, working hard to reach his objectives and maintaining his focus and perspective on the need for preparation. An individual of old-fashioned values in a world driven by fast-paced competitiveness and technology, Erik Surjan continues to compile an impressive list of accomplishments, building a resume that sets him apart from the status quo.

Erik Surjan is currently studying to become a professional actor, working with the likes of screen and stage veteran Bill McCluskey, as well as numerous notable acting groups and organizations, to hone his skill and build the portfolio needed to break into a highly competitive business. He has committed himself to the study of the craft, and has participated in the Sydney Screen Acting Group’s Screen Acting Workshop, as well as PAC Screen Acting and others, in an effort to make a name for himself in the acting community.

Acting, however, hasn’t been the only pursuit for Erik Surjan(Athlete), who currently possesses several degrees in business from accredited academic institutions. He holds a Master’s in Marketing from Monash University in Melbourne, as well as two Bachelor of Business degrees from Edith Cowan
University in Perth. Erik Surjan also remains vigilant about the upkeep of his blogs, exercising his considerable talent as both a writer and as an amateur philosopher.

Erik Surjan also works towards the betterment of the local community, supporting charitable organizations that focus on helping disadvantaged children. His particular interest in community service revolves around the support of indigenous Australian children.

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