Erik Surjan Is an Appealing Job Candidate

Erik Surjan offers many skills and qualifications that set him apart from the rest. He believes strongly in innovation. He considers himself a person who adapts to change early and quickly. Additionally, he is a businessman who is always seeking ways to improve the system and have things run in a smoother way. He has learned that a dedication to innovation is the only way for any business to find true and lasting success in any market.

Sustainability is another concept that he holds in high regard. Understanding that some resources are finite, and the health of the planet is dependent on the ability to manage those products properly, he wishes to give his solutions to this growing concern. Using smart business practices, reducing carbon emissions, managing energy consumption, and supporting recycling efforts are only a few of the ways that he works toward sustainability.

Building better communities through good business is a talent of Surjan’s. He seeks to strengthen community roots, no matter where he is employed. He is sincerely hoping to find a new career that will give him the opportunity to further this passion in Australia. His philanthropic nature, especially in the areas of the underprivileged children in his country, is something that he plans to continue to support through his profession.

Erik Surjan is a responsible employee. He hopes to find a career that lets him further explore that social and ethical responsibility to his community. Owning a business philosophy that places responsibility at the top is something he is proud of.


About Erik Surjan

Erik Surjan is currently studying acting with Bill McCluskey, a veteran Australian actor. Erik Surjan has already appeared in TV ads and several instructional videos in his native Australia. He is also a competitive athlete who has participated in track and field events all across Australia. Erik Surjan has studied business, and holds degrees from Edith Cowan University, and Monash University.
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