Erik Surjan Has Lead an Exciting Life

Marketing professional Erik Surjan has already had a diverse educational and career experience. These two aspects of his life are complimented by the unique ways he chooses to spend his free time. Attaining a higher education was placed on the top of his to-do list. He achieved this goal in 2012, graduating from the Monash University of Business with a Masters of Marketing in Communications degree. Before attending Monash, he received his undergraduate degree from Edith Cowan University, where he majored in Business and Marketing Management. Education and furthering his own knowledge base is so important to Surjan that he is now working to receive his Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

While seeking each of these degrees, Surjan kept himself busy and physically fit by competing in professional sports. Decathlons were his sport of choice, and he has competed in these tournaments all over the world. In the last decade, he has won two senior and one under the age of twenty-three National Championships. He was awarded an Australian Institute of Sport Elite Athlete Scholarship from 2005 until 2008, which allowed him to attend the Commonwealth Games and World Championships. To achieve this scholarship, he had participated in and won four different Junior National Long Jump Titles. He also placed third in the world at the 2000 Junior Commonwealth Games that took place in Edinburgh, Scotland.

His diverse education and athleticism is enhanced by his varied work experience. Having been employed by a variety of businesses has allowed him to understand each company and career better and find what fits the best with his unique personality and skill set. During his childhood, he worked mostly in agriculture with his family. This path was one of the finest teachers a young man could have when it comes to importance of diligence and hard work. During his time in the retail sales industry, Surjan was exposed to the intricacies of communication and how much it can affect the success of a sale.

In the time that he worked in the financial servicing and tertiary education servicing industries, he learned to be an omnipresent manager, meet financial targets and deadlines, and be an effective employee while understanding the constraints of the business systems. Working in the sports servicing industry was a life lesson for Surjan. Combining his natural ability and passion for sports with his formal education was a boon. In this field he was exposed to the important business aspects of relationship building, networking, and active communication. All of these experiences have created a strong businessman with an eye for integrity and professionalism, no matter what industry he chooses. Though his career and sports achievements are things to be proud of, Erik Surjan maintains a jovial personality and good sense of humor each day.


About Erik Surjan

Erik Surjan is currently studying acting with Bill McCluskey, a veteran Australian actor. Erik Surjan has already appeared in TV ads and several instructional videos in his native Australia. He is also a competitive athlete who has participated in track and field events all across Australia. Erik Surjan has studied business, and holds degrees from Edith Cowan University, and Monash University.
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