Erik Surjan – The Value of Sport

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The Australian athletic community would be remiss if it failed to recognize Erik Surjan as not only a long-time track and field competitor, but also someone who was once one of the community’s biggest and brightest stars. An accomplished athlete and notable member of the track and field arena, Surjan made an indelible impression on many of his fellow teammates, colleagues and opponents, consistently demonstrating not only a considerable athletic prowess, but also the work ethic and determination needed to perform at such a highly competitive level.

Erik Surjan consistently performed well in numerous aspects of traditional track and field events, including the discus throw, shotput, the high jump, pole vaulting and races of numerous distances and skill levels. Surjan enjoyed the chance to demonstrate his athletic prowess, as well as the opportunity to go up against some of the world’s most gifted and dedicated athletes. The challenge of going to face to face with competitors just as dedicated, athletic and determined as him was always an immense thrill, and provided him the motivation he needed to keep his body and mind in shape and prepared to perform at his best.File 42574

Erik Surjan has always had a special affinity for Track and Field, in large part due to the competition’s long and storied history as well as its continued significance in the world of sport. He understands how unique track and field is in terms of the large amount of psychological, mental, emotional and physical preparation needed to become a notable and successful athlete.

About Erik Surjan

Erik Surjan is currently studying acting with Bill McCluskey, a veteran Australian actor. Erik Surjan has already appeared in TV ads and several instructional videos in his native Australia. He is also a competitive athlete who has participated in track and field events all across Australia. Erik Surjan has studied business, and holds degrees from Edith Cowan University, and Monash University.
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