Erik Surjan: Extraordinary People

“The world has, and continues to be, populated by extraordinary people,” says Erik Surjan, a former athlete, frequent blogger, and developing actor from Australia. He has an impressive background that many would probably call extraordinary.

The people closest to Erik Surjan know him as a person of integrity, a man with old-fashioned values in a modern world. That, in and of itself, is uncommon. But Erik Surjan has already accomplished much in life, and he is still a young man. He is a former professional athlete who competed in many Track and Field events around Australia. And he was good: “Had I been able to remain injury free,” Erik Surjan acknowledges, “I would have been competing on the European circuit in the World Combined Events Challenge, where prize money regularly reached 30,000 euros for a first place finish.”

Erik Surjan also holds several business degrees. He earned a Bachelor of Business degree with an emphasis on Marketing, and another Bachelor of Business degree with an emphasis on Management, both from Edith Cowan University in Perth, and a Master of Marketing degree from Monash University in Melbourne.

More recently, Erik Surjan has been developing his talents as an actor. He is currently studying the craft with stage and screen veteran Bill McCluskey. He has also studied with the Sydney Screen Acting Group’s Screen Acting Workshop, and with PAC Screen Acting. Additionally, Erik Surjan has been involved with the Actors Centre Australia in the Acting Edge, and with Faith Martin Workshops.

But Erik Surjan does not focus all of his energies on himself. He has long been associated with various charities. He is especially fond of those that benefit disadvantaged children, in particular indigenous Australians.

About Erik Surjan

Erik Surjan is currently studying acting with Bill McCluskey, a veteran Australian actor. Erik Surjan has already appeared in TV ads and several instructional videos in his native Australia. He is also a competitive athlete who has participated in track and field events all across Australia. Erik Surjan has studied business, and holds degrees from Edith Cowan University, and Monash University.
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