Erik Surjan and WCIT

Erik Surjan spent three years, from 2010 until 2013, working for the West Coast Institute of Training (WCIT). For this Australian company, he was a Marketing and Project Manager. Located in the metropolitan sector of Northern Perth, WCIT is a tertiary training provider. This institute offers skill-set training and vocational knowledge to students in the fields of commerce, technology, health, education, social sciences, trades, hospitality, and tourism. His leading job priorities included market segmentation, research, and analysis, data management, and database creation. He was tasked with media profiling and critical incident management reporting jobs.

Surjan was responsible for improving many key functions of the WCIT marketing division. He increased the efficiency of the database marketing programs, grew the international business sectors, projected recommendations based on specific feedback, and developed many relationship marketing programs. Knowing how to effectively manage people and resources was paramount to his success with the company. His prosperity was witnessed by the global market through the creation and completion of an international conference in 2010.

Developing and strengthening the international relationships that WCIT relies upon is one area where Surjan truly shined. This was especially true in the company’s education, tourism, and hospitality offerings. He is acknowledged for having a strike rate of one hundred percent for international award applications. Possibly his most significant contribution to WCIT was his ability to create and maintain new lead generations during his employment. Erik Surjan was personally responsible for generating more than five thousand new leads for the company in only three years.

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Erik Surjan Is an Appealing Job Candidate

Erik Surjan offers many skills and qualifications that set him apart from the rest. He believes strongly in innovation. He considers himself a person who adapts to change early and quickly. Additionally, he is a businessman who is always seeking ways to improve the system and have things run in a smoother way. He has learned that a dedication to innovation is the only way for any business to find true and lasting success in any market.

Sustainability is another concept that he holds in high regard. Understanding that some resources are finite, and the health of the planet is dependent on the ability to manage those products properly, he wishes to give his solutions to this growing concern. Using smart business practices, reducing carbon emissions, managing energy consumption, and supporting recycling efforts are only a few of the ways that he works toward sustainability.

Building better communities through good business is a talent of Surjan’s. He seeks to strengthen community roots, no matter where he is employed. He is sincerely hoping to find a new career that will give him the opportunity to further this passion in Australia. His philanthropic nature, especially in the areas of the underprivileged children in his country, is something that he plans to continue to support through his profession.

Erik Surjan is a responsible employee. He hopes to find a career that lets him further explore that social and ethical responsibility to his community. Owning a business philosophy that places responsibility at the top is something he is proud of.

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Erik Surjan Has a Strong Educational Background

Before starting his professional career, Erik Surjan began his journey through a well-rounded education. After receiving his high school certificate from the Christian Brothers’ College, he was accepted at Edith Cowan University in 2000. While attending this college, he studied both marketing and management. Upon graduation in 2003, he received dual Bachelor of Business degrees in both subjects.

Located in Western Australia, Edith Cowan University offers students of higher education a host of award winning facilities, programs that are relevant to today’s world, and industry leading research opportunities. Established in 1991, Edith Cowan University, ECU, was built around the concept that graduates should be able to thrive in their chosen professional environment, not simply survive through it. While Surjan was a student at ECU, he was able to benefit greatly from the staff and faculty who are hand-chosen to represent the ideals of the college. These professors are not only selected from the top of their perspective fields, but they are proven to be the finest mentors in the country.

After his successful educational achievements at ECU, Surjan decided to increase his industry prowess through an even higher degree. He was accepted to and studied at Monash University, where he received his Masters of Marketing Communication degree in 2012. Monash University is a higher education institution with campuses in six locations around the world. Surjan attended the university in Australia, though he could have also chosen to study in Italy, China, India, Malaysia, or South Africa. This global university is committed to bringing higher education to students who are seeking the ideals of culture, optimism, and collaboration.

Originally opened in 1958 after a signed Act of Parliament, Monash University is named after the famous Australian engineer and military leader, Sir John Monash. The vision behind this new university in Victoria was to offer students the chance to explore the worlds of science and technology in greater detail. Within only a few years, the university was able to expand their program offerings to include the areas of education, arts, engineering, law, economics, politics, and medicine. As Australia’s largest university, Monash can boast more than sixty thousand current students and over a quarter of a million alumni.

Expanding his career potential yet again, Erik Surjan was admitted to the Western Sydney Institute to study for and earn a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Designed to develop the skills of professionals who wish to train and assess others, this certification will prove to be highly useful for him. The Certificate IV for Training and Assessment is specifically geared toward individuals who are hoping to work in the Australian vocational education sector. With this certificate, Eric Surjan will become an asset to any business or industry.

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Erik Surjan Has Lead an Exciting Life

Marketing professional Erik Surjan has already had a diverse educational and career experience. These two aspects of his life are complimented by the unique ways he chooses to spend his free time. Attaining a higher education was placed on the top of his to-do list. He achieved this goal in 2012, graduating from the Monash University of Business with a Masters of Marketing in Communications degree. Before attending Monash, he received his undergraduate degree from Edith Cowan University, where he majored in Business and Marketing Management. Education and furthering his own knowledge base is so important to Surjan that he is now working to receive his Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

While seeking each of these degrees, Surjan kept himself busy and physically fit by competing in professional sports. Decathlons were his sport of choice, and he has competed in these tournaments all over the world. In the last decade, he has won two senior and one under the age of twenty-three National Championships. He was awarded an Australian Institute of Sport Elite Athlete Scholarship from 2005 until 2008, which allowed him to attend the Commonwealth Games and World Championships. To achieve this scholarship, he had participated in and won four different Junior National Long Jump Titles. He also placed third in the world at the 2000 Junior Commonwealth Games that took place in Edinburgh, Scotland.

His diverse education and athleticism is enhanced by his varied work experience. Having been employed by a variety of businesses has allowed him to understand each company and career better and find what fits the best with his unique personality and skill set. During his childhood, he worked mostly in agriculture with his family. This path was one of the finest teachers a young man could have when it comes to importance of diligence and hard work. During his time in the retail sales industry, Surjan was exposed to the intricacies of communication and how much it can affect the success of a sale.

In the time that he worked in the financial servicing and tertiary education servicing industries, he learned to be an omnipresent manager, meet financial targets and deadlines, and be an effective employee while understanding the constraints of the business systems. Working in the sports servicing industry was a life lesson for Surjan. Combining his natural ability and passion for sports with his formal education was a boon. In this field he was exposed to the important business aspects of relationship building, networking, and active communication. All of these experiences have created a strong businessman with an eye for integrity and professionalism, no matter what industry he chooses. Though his career and sports achievements are things to be proud of, Erik Surjan maintains a jovial personality and good sense of humor each day.

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Passionate Blogger Erik Surjan Entertains and Educates

Erik Surjan is a creative, inspired and talented individual, someone who has achieved at a high level not only as an athlete, but also as an aspiring professional actor. Surjan, who continually finds inspiration in the words of others, does his best to convey his thoughts, feelings and ideas through the art of blogging, which provides him an easy and effective venue for creative expression.

Australian Athletics Championships & Selection Trials - Day 1

Erik Surjan hopes to one day make a notable and positive impression on the world, as well as to provide a unique perspective on modern day issues, topics and people currently having an influence on society. A fan of learning, and of making a positive and tangible difference in people’s lives, Surjan looks to make an impact through blogging, which allows people an effective way to entertain, educate and inspire others around the globe.

Surjan puts a great deal of thought and feeling behind everything he writes, and takes the time to produce well-constructed and designed pieces that accurately reflect not only his considerable knowledge of world events and issues, but also his educated viewpoint on ways to approach and consider what is going on. Erik Surjan hopes to engage every reader and to help create thoughtful and interesting conversation on issues and events of the day, items that are both relevant and that have a legitimate impact on people’s lives.

Surjan, an intelligent, thoughtful and well-educated individual, understands the power of writing, and seeks to use his talent to educate, entertain and engage people through the blogosphere.

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Erik Surjan: Success in Marketing

Marketing professional Erik Surjan has considerable education and experience in professional marketing, and has enjoyed the chance to work in the field for many years. An asset to multiple firms throughout his career, Surjan has truly set himself apart from the pack, continually making invaluable contributions to his team, his company and the marketing field as a whole.

SPErik Surjan was most recently a marketing professional with Sports MA, a firm that specializes in sports marketing. Between 2010 and 2014, Surjan was able to enhance the firm’s ability to develop more effective and broader brand recognition with targeted demographics, and helped to increase the firm’s base of clients while strengthening the company’s relationships with third parties that were critical to both the marketing departments and the firm’s success.

Formerly an employee of West Coast Institute of Training, Erik Surjan worked to successfully create significant lead generation opportunities, and helped to strengthen the firm’s relationships with many members of various business industries. He was also responsible for the successful management of the 2010 Inforce Conference, and was able to achieve a 100% strike rate for numerous international ward applications.

Erik Surjan has also experienced considerable success as a former employee of the KeyPath Group, as well as a former employee of WCIT. His countless successes with marketing firms, teams and leaders have helped to fill out what is quite an impressive resume. Now in pursuit of an acting career, Surjan is proud of what he has achieved in the marketing profession.

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Erik Surjan – An Impressive Resume of Accomplishment

Erik Surjan continues to follow his own path, striving for and achieving in nearly anything that piques his interest. Surjan, an accomplished athlete, aspiring actor and talented blogger, has accumulated what has become quite an impressive resume, one that features considerable success in marketing and sales, a growing number of accomplishments in the field of acting and a notable career in Australian athletics.


Erik Surjan’s current and primary passion is professional acting, which he seeks to build his skill and success in through training with such notable acting names as Bill McCluskey, a veteran of both the stage and the screen. As one committed to his newly chosen career, Surjan is pursuing the craft of acting with the utmost intensity and drive, and has been an enthusiastic participant in such groups as PAC Screen Acting and the Sydney Screen Acting Group’s Screen Acting Workshop. His portfolio, though still in development, includes appearances in several instructional videos and Australian TV advertisements.


Though he is fully engaged in the pursuit of a professional acting career, Erik Surjan has achieved a considerable amount of success in the business community, something that has resulted not only from the high-quality marketing and business education he has received at both the University of Perth and Monash University in Melbourne, but also because of an unwavering commitment to hard work. Surjan understands the value of sweat equity, no matter the undertaking, and applies his commitment to diligence and determination to his continued efforts as a business professional.

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